Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Senior Project: Character Design

Another attempt at redesigning my main character. I wanted to go for a more stylized look. It was closer, but he looked to old, would be difficult to frame well and didnt have that vulnerable, awkward little boy look I wanted. So I called in some back up:

*These ^ drawings are not mine! They are the work of the lovely Lauren Brown. Concept artist extraordinaire.*

It is amazing how just a few drawings from a completely fresh perspective can turn everything around! Here he was! That awkward, shy but lovable character Ive been trying for this whole time. But it wasn't exactly animate-able. Nor was it my personal style. So I took the look of Lauren's drawing and combined them with my aesthetic.

Let me introduce you to.. Guss! I know there will be many more adjustments made (clothing, animate-able base shapes, ect) but this is the personality Ive been trying for all along. I am so excited to put him in my world and start making him move!

*No matter how far along Ive gone in this process, CRITIQUES ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! Even if you have suggestions about things that have long since passed, I am always looking for your honest opinions.*

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