Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Be back in a.. Flash! Oh ho ho!

But seriously, first Flash background produced for Digicel, Professor John K. Webber.

I tried to move away from my painterly, overly detailed style. Something new and exciting. This is a great way to eliminate the unnecessary elements of a background and focus on layout. Im looking forward to working with Flash more!

This was my first idea, which I painted in Photoshop. But I realized that there was to much detail for the assignment. The goal was to create flat shapes with gradients. I needed to push myself past what I normally did. (Tho I really still like this this camera angle and distortion of the trees)

Back to the drawing board.. or sketchbook. This composition seemed to fill the assignment's requirements more accurately.

The finished piece. The professor and the majority of the class seemed pleased with it. Even though it isn't my favorite style to work in, I enjoyed leaving my comfort zone. Im itching to go back in and add more detail, but I know I must move on and do it better the next time.


Evui said...

I love the finished version of the background! The colors and the composition are just wonderful; you're very good with background, so of course I'm not surprised. I itch to add more detail to it as well, but I would only mess with the log in the middle ground. The vague denotation of shape on the left of the log is very nice, and I would almost like to see more of that; maybe just a nice highlight of orange on the front-top of the log to really bring the composition alive! I love it, keep it up NerNer! Yey!

PS: Hahah, my word verification was Shanter. That sounds a bit like your last name :>

Janelle Santner said...

Thankyou! I intend to go back and add juuuust a little more detail. Its so hard not to go texture crazy for me!!! D: Keep the critiques coming! :D