Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am done with The Pitch! I think the pitch to Warner Brother's Exec. Nancy Spears went well. She laughed at the characters and seemed intrigued by the story line. After all the pitches were done, Professor Goto said she was impressed by our class and was holding on to a few. She even passed a pitch on to a Nickelodeon friend of hers. Congrats Phil! Over all, it was a great experience and I learned alot.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Im in a Pitchy mood

Here are some more concept sketches for "How I bought the farm". Its rather fun :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"How I bought the farm"- The Pitch

One of the classes I am taking this quarter is The Pitch, taught by Professor Goto. It revolves around concepting and pitching a single idea to a Warner Bros creative executive at the end of the quarter.

My idea is for a short "webisode" series, "How I bought the farm", targeted at kids 11-14. Seth, a germaphobic, paranoid 12 year old boy is sent to live on his grandparents' farm for a summer. Being thrown out of his comfort zone and into a world of dirt, unfamiliar creatures and crazy neighbors, Seth has to battle his way through each day. With the help of a quirky girl next door, his eccentric, dance-loving grandparents and his sidekick cockroach, Twitch, he may just survive and become a normal kid.

Here are a few concept sketches of the characters!


Its been a while since Ive done gestures, but it is one of my very belated new years resolutions to go every weekend. SCAD offers great open model sessions all day on fridays, so it has become a part of my weekly routine.

Here are the results from this past weekend:

3 minutes each

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eureka, CA

So I went to visit a friend in Northern California this past winter break. It is the second time Ive been there and it is beautiful! Here are a few snippets of what I doodled while there:

There was an energetic young boy at the airport that kept leaping over a soda can on the ground..

I cleaned!

If anyone ever wondered where and how I work, here it is. I cleaned so I would be even more inclined to spend many more sleepless nights here..

Its been a watercolor kind of week

I have rediscovered one of my oldest loves, watercolor painting! Here are a few things Ive been turning out:

The first sketches done in my shiny new watercolor sketchbook. A christmas present from the talented Daniel Woodling!

These were done during the 2011 Grammys

Just some fun color shapes Id like to import into photoshop and draw characters on
A bunny and a special cameo appearance by David Chen (Right page, left side) and Daniel Woodling (Right page, right side)! Thanks guys :D