Monday, November 15, 2010

Finals Week Fall 2010

As this quarter comes to a close, I feel more pressure then ever to decide where I want to end up after I graduate from SCAD. The funny thing is, I have been thinking of where I want to go instead of what I should really be focusing on. What do I want to DO once I get there? California has always been this great, bright beacon beckoning to me from across the US. After my visit this past summer, that light has only gotten brighter. However, by not over analyzing what specifically I want a career in, I have realized what I love, who I am as an artist, and the type of people Id like to work with in the future.

I love dark humor. Nothing is more fun to torture then something fluffy with big puppy eyes. (In animation! NOT reality! I love all the fluffy forest friends) I want to make people laugh! Making people laugh makes me happy. :) And if I can do something that will make the world a happier place, then thats enough for me!

My most recent project, about a loofah who is used by the wrong person, makes you giggle. But my hope is the next time you go to take a shower and see your loofah, you wonder who might have used it. Maybe even sympathize with it.. who wouldve ever thought you could have feelings toward a fluffy ball of plastic.

Also, the southern dialect has sunk so far into my brain that I must apologize to anyone who is victim me saying "yall".. It happens


Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Devil went down to.. the Gap?

This is a dialogue exercise for my Digital Cell Animation I class, with Professor Webber.
We were taught to use the nesting and swapping methods for the mouth shapes and lip syncing. I preferred and used the swapping method for this assignment. I enjoyed animating his inflections, mainly because of the great dialogue clip i recorded with Mike Walker (thankyou!). I would like to go back in and do more eases with the body movements. I was strapped for time, but overall, I am happy with how he came out. Critiques would be great! Thanks!