Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Senior Project: Character Design

Another attempt at redesigning my main character. I wanted to go for a more stylized look. It was closer, but he looked to old, would be difficult to frame well and didnt have that vulnerable, awkward little boy look I wanted. So I called in some back up:

*These ^ drawings are not mine! They are the work of the lovely Lauren Brown. Concept artist extraordinaire.*

It is amazing how just a few drawings from a completely fresh perspective can turn everything around! Here he was! That awkward, shy but lovable character Ive been trying for this whole time. But it wasn't exactly animate-able. Nor was it my personal style. So I took the look of Lauren's drawing and combined them with my aesthetic.

Let me introduce you to.. Guss! I know there will be many more adjustments made (clothing, animate-able base shapes, ect) but this is the personality Ive been trying for all along. I am so excited to put him in my world and start making him move!

*No matter how far along Ive gone in this process, CRITIQUES ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! Even if you have suggestions about things that have long since passed, I am always looking for your honest opinions.*

Be back in a.. Flash! Oh ho ho!

But seriously, first Flash background produced for Digicel, Professor John K. Webber.

I tried to move away from my painterly, overly detailed style. Something new and exciting. This is a great way to eliminate the unnecessary elements of a background and focus on layout. Im looking forward to working with Flash more!

This was my first idea, which I painted in Photoshop. But I realized that there was to much detail for the assignment. The goal was to create flat shapes with gradients. I needed to push myself past what I normally did. (Tho I really still like this this camera angle and distortion of the trees)

Back to the drawing board.. or sketchbook. This composition seemed to fill the assignment's requirements more accurately.

The finished piece. The professor and the majority of the class seemed pleased with it. Even though it isn't my favorite style to work in, I enjoyed leaving my comfort zone. Im itching to go back in and add more detail, but I know I must move on and do it better the next time.

The loofa: a short story of love, abuse and learning to let go..

Or just a loofa who gets abused. And its funny.
I would like to execute an idea for a short film Ive had since Concept class. I will post the full story when I have a chance. For now, enjoy these:
Concept sketches

Sketchbook dump: unrelated to each other

The lovely Lauren

Lotus lady

Tattoo sketches. The ladybug represents my mother (she has one on her foot) and the fish represents my father

Sketchbook dump: Exaggerated folks

Senior Project Color/Style Study