Saturday, February 26, 2011

"How I bought the farm"- The Pitch

One of the classes I am taking this quarter is The Pitch, taught by Professor Goto. It revolves around concepting and pitching a single idea to a Warner Bros creative executive at the end of the quarter.

My idea is for a short "webisode" series, "How I bought the farm", targeted at kids 11-14. Seth, a germaphobic, paranoid 12 year old boy is sent to live on his grandparents' farm for a summer. Being thrown out of his comfort zone and into a world of dirt, unfamiliar creatures and crazy neighbors, Seth has to battle his way through each day. With the help of a quirky girl next door, his eccentric, dance-loving grandparents and his sidekick cockroach, Twitch, he may just survive and become a normal kid.

Here are a few concept sketches of the characters!

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